How much does a land survey cost?

Our surveying service costs vary depending on the complexity of the task involved. Preparing a proposal for a land survey project has no initial cost.

How do you prepare proposals?

In order to make a surveying project proposal for you, we will search public databases for information on your property. We will then prepare a complete proposal tailored to your project.

Will land survey results be public?

Colorado state law requires us to register all survey plats with the County Surveyor or the Clerk and Register’s Office of the county where a survey was performed. This makes them public.

Who are your clients?

We work with residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout the Colorado Front Range region. We have worked for municipal governments, subdivision developers, new home builders, and other custom home projects. Our clients have also included legacy home owners (centennial ranch owners) who need their boundaries drawn up anew.

Why should we have our property surveyed?

You will need your property surveyed to build a new home or to have the property insured, among other things. Having accurate property boundary information also minimizes the risk of future disputes.