Expert Surveying Services

At Chambers Consulting, Inc., we perform topographic surveys and other land surveys in Morrison, CO. We serve Denver and the Colorado Front Range area. Our company is insured and licensed for your protection.

Measuring Your Property With Accuracy

Every project is unique; no property is identical to any other. We carefully gather all the information needed to prepare a Proposal for your job.

We will research your site information online or through our network of city, county and state resources. Next we make a free visit to your property to look for existing boundary markers and/or public land monuments. Then we prepare a complete proposal tailored to your project at no initial cost to you.

We deposit/file every survey plat with the County Surveyor or Clerk and Recorder’s Office in the county in which the survey was performed, as is required by Colorado state law. This ensures that your survey becomes part of the public record and other surveyors working in your vicinity will be able to obtain a copy of the plat we prepared for you to honor your property lines and monuments.