This kind of “map” is typically ordered by a realtor who may supply us with a title commitment on the property. If no title work is available, the ILC can still be useful for a “snapshot” of the property. This drawing is used by the mortgage and title insurance industries to assure that there are no glaring problems with the property. IT CANNOT BE USED FOR CONSTRUCTION, FENCES OR OTHER IMPROVEMENTS SINCE NO PROPERTY CORNERS ARE SET.

  • Requires finding any existing property corners, measuring house, sheds, driveways, walks, patios and all built environment details;
  • Setback distances measured from the major buildings to the property lines – BUT are approximate, since no property corners may be found, but the drawing is still issued with a surveyor’s seal and signature;
  • Surveyor’s certificate text includes the legal description, reference to title insurance information (easements and exceptions) and the surveyor’s seal and signature.

The drawing is typically on a legal size page and cautions that it cannot be used as a “Plot Plan”.

These are referred to as “mortgage surveys” in some states. Even though ILCs are commonly referred to as “surveys”, they are technically not and are prepared only for the specific purposes of a lending institution or title insurance commitment. There are no monuments set and the resulting document is not deposited as are Improvement Survey Plats and other types of Land or Boundary Surveys.